Our partner is SAATZUCHT STEINACH, a German company founded in 1920, focusing on plant breeding, seed production and agriculture.

The company strives to ensure that all its products are among the best in their sector. The company is involved in the breeding, cultivation, production, and distribution of perennial grasses, applying rigorous internal and external quality management procedures to each process.

In its activities, SAATZUCHT STEINACH respond to a constantly changing market and environmental conditions such as increasing demand, dwindling resources or stricter environmental requirements.

Their motto is “We always keep an eye on future developments because we are shaping tomorrow today.”

Developing biologically and economically productive plants

SAATZUCHT STEINACH has been breeding grasses for more than 100 years, making it one of the oldest forage plant breeding companies in the world. Traditional and state-of-the-art biotechnological methods are used for the breeding of forage and lawn grasses, legumes and catch crops.

Germany has a total of 27 species breeding programmes and breeders working on 76 hectares of breeding land. The company has registered over 114 new varieties over the years, which are grown in 19 countries.